At RS, You Can Join
Both Social Trading and PAMM

Both social trading and PAMM (Percentage Allocation Management Module) or managed account is a popular form copy trading online! It is the latest addition to the inventions that make the markets more and more accessible for all! It works on the basis of copy-trade technology: an expert trader creates a strategy and shares it securely on a platform.

Social Trading

  • Copy the Master traders’ strategy on your existing MT4 account conveniently as followers.
  • Successful trades benefit both Master and Followers!
  • All of this process is automated. You don’t know the trader/investor, but both parties are aware of the the numbers and performance fees/charges.
  • Social trading is the best answer to that lack of human touch in the trading scene, it’s our community!


  • No time or experience for trading Forex? Let the experts do it for you!
  • See a list of offers by Masters and select one based on the risk, fees and expected result.
  • The mutual safety for both Followers and Masters. Invest or withdraw your money at anytime and any point as Masters can’t control your investment.
  • No Hassle at all. You do not need to have trading experience to open a Follower account.

Be Part of Copy Trading Today At RS

Market offers both Master and Followers account to all Clients with two exciting platforms which Social Trading and PAMM. Choose one or try both to boost your investment and profits by copying successful strategies from expert traders!

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