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Explore the markets that you can trade online with Raffles Market, including Stocks, Forex, Index, Cryptos, and Commodities.

Diversifying your portfolio with a comprehensive suite of instruments including stocks, FX, index, cryptos, and commodities.






Why trade Forex with Raffles Market

Benefit from round-the-clock trading hours (Monday to Friday).
Enjoy deep liquidity, fast executions, a wide range of offerings, and opportunities to trade on world events.

Why trade Stocks with Raffles Market

Trade global stocks of your favourite household brands and top US companies on Raffles Market in the form of CFDs.

Why trade Indices with Raffles Market

You can trade our indices such as Dow Jones Index in U.S or DAX30 in Germany outside the regular hours of major stock markets. Trade CFDs on indices and take profit easily by a long or a short position in the market.

Why trade Cryptocurrencies with Raffles Market

Take advantage of a highly liquid market with round-the-clock trading.
Endless opportunities to make profit from high volatility market of world’s most popular cryptocurrencies.

Why trade Commodities with Raffles Market

Expand your trading portfolio and manage your investment risks more effectively with asset trading on commodity. Predict and profit from the price movements of silver, gold, oil and more.


Real-time trading with milliseconds-level updates and high executions speed.


Different types of accounts with the lowest spread start from 0.1 pips.


Stay connected with our customer service reps via 24/7 live chat feature.


Safe and stable operations systems where RS stay above the industry standards.


Fast and secure deposit and withdrawal available in various options.

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